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If you know the name KAREN COMBS don’t be surprised! Karen is one of the leading and most popular educators in the quilt industry today. Karen has designed fabric for nearly two decades and all of us at TROY have been proud to call her one of our own since 2011.

Karen is a talented pattern designer whose work is showcased through multiple publications. She is the author of Optical Illusions, Combing Through Your Scraps, Floral Illusions and Celtic Pieced Illusions. Karen continues to be a featured contributor in multiple quilting magazines where her fans see to it that every issue disappears off of shop shelves.

Karen’s first basic collection for TROY was her phenomenal SERENDIPITY©. Karen is known for her incredible batik designs. JAVA JEWELS IV© highlights why this is so. She wanted, however, to start her design adventure with TROY with a collection of basic cotton prints. She demanded that it be rich in color and texture like a batik, but possess the continuity of a cotton print. She wanted to be sure that this collection was not one and done. That it would be around for decades to come. TROY granted Karen her wish and that is how SERENDIPITY© was born.

SERENDIPITY© solves the problem of finding a light, medium and dark fabric within a color family. With SERENDIPITY© you don’t just receive a twofer with every bolt. In essence you receive a threefer! From selvedge to selvedge you’ll receive two 7” light value sections, two 7” medium value sections and one large 14” section of a dark value. All sections flow seamlessly from light to medium to dark and back again. SERENDIPITY© is a basic collection that continues to be printed time and again.

The main focus of Karen’s designs are for TROY’S glorious RIVERWOODS COLLECTION. At the same time, though, Karen wanted to make sure that the bargain hunters among us didn’t miss out. That is why she created “WESTBURY©” for TROY’S NORTHFIELD DIVISION. WESTBURY© is a basic collection of 27 colors all at a budget friendly cost to you. It covers the gamut from ice to black with every color you could possibly dream of in between! WESTBURY© is a great way to fill in your shop’s color wall without breaking the bank.

Karen is looked to for the innovative way she approaches her designs. She looks at the world around her for inspiration. The idea for her QUILT TRAILS SERIES sprung from her many trips traveling the back roads of our country to teach at Quilt Guilds throughout the Nation. She would see barn after barn adorned with pictures of quilts. So she sat down to ponder how to translate those glorious images onto fabric and she devised the perfect way to do it. Everything right down to the first panel is still being reprinted since it first appeared in 2014!

The series is comprised of three different collections that are tied together with one uniting theme. Quilts on barns, quilts on bridges and quilts in the great outdoors. First came QUILT TRAILS©, then came QUILT BARNS AND BRIDGES© and most recently came QUILT TRAILS LANDSCAPE©. Each collection is separately a treasure, but collectively they are a treasure-trove!

Karen and her handsome husband, Rick, live in the rolling hills of Tennessee with their sweet Shih Tzu, Benji. Their children, Angela and Josh, are grown and on their own. In fact, Josh has become a part of the family business! He is your TROY rep in TENNESSEE, KENTUCKY, SOUTHERN OHIO AND INDIANA, as well as NORTHERN ALABAMA and WEST VIRGINIA. Karen and Rick look forward to their “children’s” visits, but cherish the time they have together as a couple exploring the world one port at a time as Karen teaches quilters her fabulous quilting techniques.

Life just seems to be more fabulous with each passing year for the Combs crew and much of it can be attributed to Karen’s passion for quilting!

View Karen’s most recent collections and patterns in the RIVERWOODS SECTION of our website by simply clicking onto the collection below.

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