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We think of Pearl as our inspiration destination. For the past 15 years Pearl has been our go to guru. When we have a question concerning fabric we turn to Pearl for the answer. After all, Pearl has been on a creative adventure since her days in 4-H! She knows a thing or two…or three or four…about fabric!

Thirty years ago Pearl started her design career working for a New York based lace company. Every project that she created increased sales of lace in the major chains.

In 1984 Pearl decided to make her designing more personal and created Pearl Louise Designs. There are 900 patterns to date in Pearl’s catalog. Each and every pattern has been a winner. They reflect her stunning personality and panache. We are proud to say that we carry all of Pearl’s recent patterns. They are in stock and ready to ship with her incredible fabric lines.

There are many reasons that Pearl might look familiar to you. One reason is that you may have stopped in her shop at the foot of Mount Rushmore. Pearl opened her beloved Thimble Cottage in 1995. Over the years Thimble Cottage was so successful that Pearl needed more space to accommodate her loyal customers. So Pearl packed up her bolts, thread, scissors, needles and all the other necessities that a quilt shop must stock and moved down the road a piece.

Pearl selected an old Victorian home on Mount Rushmore Road to become the new home of Thimble Cottage. The space was extremely large and extremely drafty, but Pearl loved it…and so did her customers. A cold wind might whistle through the eaves, but the beauty of the home warmed everyone’s heart. It was picture perfect.

Another reason you might know Pearl are her many appearances on multiple PBS quilting shows! When someone comes into your home through the miracle of television it is as if you know them. Pearl is already approachable, but when you add her television appearances into the mix, it seems like Pearl is an old friend.

Pearl became part of the TROY CORPORATION family in 2001. Like a breath of fresh air Pearl walked into our office and we embraced her as one of our own. Almost forty collections later we are still in the middle of our love affair with Pearl and her amazing talent. Her latest collection, GLAMPING GYPSIES©, has expanded Pearl’s fan base to include quilters who are just coming into the Market. They are obsessed with the warm and fuzzy feeling that Pearl’s designs give them. Her humanity shines through every design. Yes, we are proud that Pearl is part of our team.

We are sorry to say that Pearl has closed her tremendous shop on Mount Rushmore Road. Pearl’s decision to close her shop was three fold. First, Pearl needed more time to design fabric for TROY and to develop more stunning patterns to go with them. You might say that we are the beneficiaries of Pearl’s decision to close her doors!

Another part of Pearl’s decision making process to close Thimble Cottage was her desire to spend more time with her darling husband, Fred. Fred, a recently retired CPA, takes Pearl fishing for walleye and guiding her through multiple adventures.

Finally, Pearl and Fred want to have more time for family. Now they can visit their son in Alaska on a regular basis. Trips to see their son and his wife and their grandson in the Denver area are now more frequent! In our mind’s eye we can picture Pearl and Fred motoring down the highway in their cherry red SUV with their vintage camper following close behind!

Thank goodness their third son lives near them in Rapid City with his lovely wife and Pearl’s two precious granddaughters! Pearl’s grandchildren mean everything to her and rightfully so. They are the future of this Country.

One last pearl of wisdom from Pearl…EVERY DAY IS A NEW ADVENTURE, SO LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST! That’s our Pearl!

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