Program Information

For many years, Troy’s General Order Program has been helping customers to receive top quality remnant bundles at prices well below full bolt price.

Here is how it works:

  • You may sign up for any number of categories shown below, from one to all.

  • Every two weeks, you will receive a notification of which bundles will be shipping. A sample of our latest offerings will be viewable here.

  • You will be automatically scheduled to receive any bundles for the categories in which you have enrolled.

  • Your first quality bundle will arrive approximately two weeks after you receive the notice.

  • If there are bundles you decide against receiving just contact us before the ship date to have them removed from your shipment. There is absolutely no obligation to receive any bundle you do not want.

  • Your membership in the General Order (GO) Program will entitle you to receive special pricing below any other resource, and also below the price at which we will sell the same bundles to non-GO members.

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