Earn FREE FREIGHT through TROY’s Loyalty Program.
As you may already know, TROY’s Loyalty Program rewards those customers that do the most business with TROY; the more you buy, the more you benefit.  If you didn’t already know, you’ve picked the perfect time to find out as we unveil our Loyalty Program’s best benefit ever:  FREE FREIGHT!
Here is how it works:
TROY’s year begins on July 1.  All TROY customers are in the program.  If you’re a new customer, once you make your first purchase,  you’re automatically enrolled – no sign-up necessary.  We keep track of all your purchases.  As you reach certain plateaus, your freight costs plummet.  The more you buy, the cheaper the freight.
– $1000 & over – you receive a discount of 25% on all freight costs.
– $5,000 & over – you receive a discount of 50% on all freight costs.
– $10,000 & over – you receive a discount of 75% on all freight costs.
– $15,000 & over – you receive FREE FREIGHT!
– While drop ship orders and orders for reduced price merchandise count to reach your spending plateaus, the discounted freight will not apply to drop ship and reduced price orders.  Special orders wherein you request a small shipment are not included.
– General Order shipments will count towards reaching the plateaus, but will not receive the freight discount when shipped.
– Everything in this program is based on shipments, not bookings.
– The starting date for benefits from this program is November 1, 2016.  Purchase plateaus are calculated from July 1, 2016.
– On June 30, the benefits end and re-start for the next year.
– We will indicate on each invoice the amount of your freight discount.
– The discount is calculated prior to the invoice being billed.
– Your salesperson will have the figures as to how you stand and what your freight discount currently is.  You may also contact the office for this information.
– This program applies only to fabric customers.